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A Powerful and Affordable Suite of Online Tools

invoice clients, collect payments, expenses, and more!

Client Management

Manage every aspect of your clients and keep track of all their information.

Humble Bear makes it easy to ensure all your client info is up to date and get a detailed overview of evert part of your clients information.

Send Invoices and Quotes

The core of Humble Bear lets you bill your clients and receive payments for your invoices.

Send your clients estimates or send them invoices to receive payments. With Humble Bear, you can manage your invoice workflow easily and ensure you are always paid on time.

Recurring Invoices

The perfect solution to invoice for subscriptions or any recurring products or services.

With recurring invoices, you can set a schedule and forget about it. Your clients will automatically receive a new invoice based on the schedule you defined.

Quotes Convert to Invoices for Payments

With Humble Bear you don’t need to create and re-write separate quote and invoice documents. Instead, you can just convert one into the other with a click of a button. Our quote generator allows you to send your client a price quote for potential services or projects. When the client is happy, they can simply “click to approve” and it will convert the quote into a pre-formatted invoice, and allow the client to submit payment online immediately.

Accept Deposits & Partial Payments

Request partial payments using the same invoice again and again.

Requesting a deposit is an important practice for freelancers, especially with new clients and on big projects. Partial payments help maintain a healthy cash flow and weed out potential non-payers. Creating a deposit invoice with Humble Bear is extremely easy. You simply add the deposit amount due in an input box within the invoice. The invoice will automatically update itself once the partial payment has been made, so your records remain transparent and up-to-date.

Item & Product Library System

Quickly select from potentially thousands of predefined service and product descriptions.

Create a library of predefined services and/or products. Whenever you create an invoice you can then simply select a service or product from the library via a dropdown menu. The name, description, and even the cost will be automatically updated in the invoice, and can then be modified further. Add as many services and products as you like to your library and remove the need to repeatedly write out the same descriptions over and over again.

Professional Free Invoice Template Designs

You’ve got style, and there’s no reason your customers shouldn’t know it.

With Humble Bear’s professional invoice template designs, you can now jazz up boring invoices with some real flavor that reflects your business model and tone. Choose from 3 different invoice designs with a pro account (only 4 for free accounts), set colors to match your style, and finish it off with language from your own emails. Let’s get started.

Tax Settings per Invoice Total

Taxes are like complicated password rules; we all hate them, but in the back of our minds, we’re pretty sure they’re for our own good. Humble Bear takes the sting out of taxes by making these settings as comprehensive and clear as possible. Now you can charge the appropriate taxes for customers under varying circumstances (like international or out-of-state clients, for example). Taxes aren’t fun, but at least now you can take care of them easily!

Create Reports, & Client Statements

We provide everything you need to create all essential financial reports. The data can be grouped, sorted, and filtered, as well as exported as CSV, XLS or PDF files. Reports can be scheduled to be sent to the user on a predetermined frequency. All invoices that are past due are filtered into the Aging Accounts report while the Client Statement section gives you a fast and simple overview of the detailed account balance for each individual customer.

Attach Invoice & Quotations PDFs to Emails

With humble Bear you can provide your clients with a PDF version of your invoice attached to the invoice email. The client can then potentially file them, reference them later, share them with different team members, or transfer them to a different department for payment, all in their preferred manner. This is achieved with a simple click of a button in your admin panel.

What we do

We’ve spent years listening to our Users and building features accordingly. Give Humble Bear a try, you’ll save time in your work day and you’ll get paid faster! 😉

Humble Bear is a complete invoicing application which provides features to manage client, create quotes or estimates, send invoices and track payment.

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