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Start billing your customers

Create Invoice

  1. Click on the Create button.
  2. Select customer under the Bill To section.
  3. Select your product at the line item, and put in the quantity and prices.
  4. Click Add New Line Item if you have more than one line items.
  5. Click Get default memo to fill in the memo according to what you have configured under PDF customization.
  6. Click Get default footer to fill in the footer according to what you have configured under PDF customization.
  7. Click Save Invoice.
  8. Click Action > View invoice in PDF to view the invoice in PDF.
You need to Configure your PDF first before you can get the default memo and footer.
Remember to select We sell this product when you create product.

Receiving Payment for Invoice

Once your customer has made payment to your invoice, you will need to record the payment to the invoice.

  1. Select your invoice from the list.
  2. Click on the Receive Payment button at the bottom.
  3. Fill in the payment details, then click Save Payment.
  4. Your invoice status will change to PAID after the payment.